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Number 1

Put your business first.
Let us handle the marketing

From Google to Facebook and more, Plomotion automatically keeps your business profiles in sync, across various sites. What’s more? It also notifies you of new customer reviews, in real time. The software takes care of all your basic marketing needs, which leaves you with more time for other important things.

Business Profile Sync
Data Safety All The Time
Number 2

All of your data, stays with you
all the time

At Plomotion we are committed towards your data safety and all communication between you and tool is transmitted securely over secure servers. In case you wish to discontinue our services, you can always go ahead and export your data without affecting your live listings.

Number 3

Know how our product
benefits your business.

Our product features are designed to ensure that all your locations are presented with a consistent and powerful online presence.

Local Marketing Management Tool
Number 4

Simple & Uncomplicated
Pricing for Business Owners

Our pricing model is very simple, the tool dashboard is available for a monthly price for each location. As you scale up the number of locations and expand your business, we consider this and offer you discounted pricing.

Uncomplicated Pricing For Business Owners